Digital Archives of Folk Dances Using Motion Capture


Archives of Folk Dances
Digital Data of Folk Dances Recorded by MotionCapture System
We have tried to record folk (or traditional) dances using motioncapture system since 1998. This system can capture human movement as 3-dimensional data of position and orientation. We chose magnetic wireless motioncapture system so that a performer can move freely and we can get the angular information of the movement.

Creation of New Dances
Description Method of Movement Using "Buyo-fu"
We have done the stage activity based on Japanese folk dances for fifty years, and tried to establish the systematic description method of these dances. There exists a description method of a score for music, but a systematic description method has not been established for a human movement. This is because the human movement has not only the information of three-dimensional space but also the information of time, and so it is difficult to describe it two-dimensionally on a paper. Since folk dances have been originated in the life of people, it has the characteristics of multiplicity. This is why an existing description method (like Labanotation) is not suitable for folk dances. We propose a new description method in order to describe human movement using "Buyo-fu" on the premise of the usage of a computer. The Buyo-fu is a symbol uniquely named to each series of human movement arbitrarily defined by a user. And we have developed a movement description system using the Buyo-fu and a motion capturing system. This description system proves to be a good candidate for archives and creation of such movement as folk dances.



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